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Learn how to clean windows professionally and be your own boss!

  • These days, more and more people are turning to self employment as a way of earning a better living.
  • Self employed window cleaners can earn $50/hr and up. In fact, $60-70/hr is quickly becoming the norm.
  • Initial window cleaning start up costs are very low compared to other service businesses.
  • Most individuals recoup their initial investment on their first job. (residential window cleaning)
  • The more windows you can clean in an hour/day/week will increase your per hour rate.
  • There will always be glass to clean. ALWAYS. Now that's job security!
  • You can easily keep your current job and start cleaning windows part time (evening/wknds) with no risk.
  • Most home owners are incapable of performing streak free window cleaning.

Ask yourself this, "How many self employed maids/cleaners do I know that make $400* or more for just a days work?" Well professional self employed window cleaners do it all the time!
*Based on an 8 hour day on the job site averaging $50/hr. (2009 average rate)

Sure, window cleaning doesn't require a university degree but it certainly has a set of skills needed to do the job accurately and efficiently. My window cleaning tutorial video "Welcome To Professional Window Cleaning" is your first step in jump starting your career as a professional window cleaner. This very affordable DVD covers more range than your average window cleaning tutorial found anywhere else. You'll learn window cleaning tips from what tools to buy, how to use a squeegee from the basics, right up to the most advanced techniques. I'll also show you the latest specialty tools available and methods for washing high windows and windows that are located around obstacles.

Click on the movie below to get a small taste of what's in store on this tutorial DVD.

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"Welcome To Professional Window Cleaning" dvd run time is 72 mins and contains the following:

  • starter to advanced tool set up
  • basic principles of streak free window cleaning
  • 5 advanced squeegee techniques for any type of window size or style
  • how and when to use a scraper/razor on glass
  • using your tools on extension poles for high access work
  • examples of specialty tools for tackling hard to reach glass
  • what type of cloths work well for detailing glass or wiping up drips
  • and so much more...


Several video selections from this DVD are now available absolutely FREE! Thanks to everyone who purchased the DVD in the past. I know these video tutorials have helped a lot of businesses get their technicians up to speed on all the window cleaning techniques.

View the free videos at: The Window Cleaning Store

Here's what some real professional window
cleaners have to say about this window cleaning DVD.

"Mark's tutorial is well paced, so that new skills are easy to follow, and Mark shows "real-world" examples of these advanced techniques in action. As an experienced window cleaner myself, with 8 years of experience. I learned techniques that I did not know of myself, and that's why I would recommend all window cleaners new and old to buy this DVD, it will help them to become a faster, more meticulous window cleaner. This DVD is definitely an essential tool for window cleaning companies who wish to train their new employees properly. Buy It!"

Michael Polsky,
M&M Professional Window Cleaners Limited - Toronto, Canada

• • •

“A must watch DVD for beginners from the basics up. You’ll discover detailed techniques & you’ll be working like a pro’ in no time. Priced to sell, this DVD even comes with a handy on the job guide. Marks’s no-nonsense approach will guarantee this will be one of the best selling DVD’s for window cleaners on the market.”

Karl Robinson
Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning - Mallorca, Spain

• • •

"I just saw the video. If you would like to take a short cut on your journey from beginner to advanced window cleaning professional, Mark's new video is a must have source of information. Mark has taken his game to the next level. His new video is entertaining and loaded with information Mark has never shared before. I could have saved thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort if I had Welcome to Professional Window Cleaning when I was starting out. I would recommend this video to beginners and seasoned pros alike. Great job, Mark!"

Mike Defiel
Clearview Window Washing - Hingham, MA USA

• • •

"I watched this video last night with my head window cleaner. It's definitely the most detailed window cleaning video I have seen and I've seen a lot of them. Mark did a great job explaining every little detail of streak free window cleaning. He shows how to use all of the tools needed for the job and explains more advanced tools like the ledger, wagtail and zero degree squeegee. I would recommend this video to anyone who hires employees as a training video and also anyone looking to employ advanced techniques. Thanks for putting out such a great video Mark!"

Kurt Miller
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Service - St. Charles, Missouri USA

• • •

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