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Window Cleaning Video Screenshots

Below you'll find a selection of stills taken from the "Welcome To Professional Window Cleaning" Tutorial DVD. Whether you're a seasoned pro wanting to sharpen up your skills or a newcomer to the industry, this window washing tutorial has you covered. From squeegee techniques to intricate pole work with specialty tools, it's all here!

window cleaner on a ladder

DVD includes many real world examples.

window cleaning tools

Putting together a tool setup for all situations.

Window Cleaner Lessons

Squeegee School. Basic to advanced squeegee techniques.

window cleaning with a pole

High pole work around obstacles like trees and bushes.

window cleaner with a pole

Making good use of our tools features.

cleaning high windows

Cleaning high windows with time saving tools.

cleaning door glass

Residential glass cleaning.

cleaning entrance glass

Commercial glass cleaning.

cleaning french panes

Applying learned techniques like the
Z method on these French panes.

cleaning cut ups

Unger's Visa Versa tool on some commercial cut ups.

wagtail squeegee

The Wagtail Whirlwind in action. Scrub and squeegee
at the same time. Speed up your work time!

window cleaning tricks

Clean windows horizontally over obstacles
using a 0° swivel handle on a pole.

These screenshots merely scratch the surface of what this DVD has to offer.
Fortunately you'll be able to take it all in from the comfort of your living room!


DVD is discontinued but download version is still available.
Welcome To Professional Window Cleaning is now available for download.
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